Ratnagiri is a port city on the Arebian Sea coast in Ratnagiri District in the southwestern part of Maharashtra. The district is a part of Konkan division of Maharashtra. Ratnagiri, in Maharashtra, is situated at a distance of 329km from Mumbai and 300kms from Pune.
Ratnagiri with its beautiful beaches has become the famous holiday destination today. This port city is famous for its beaches, picturesque hills, rivers, lakes waterfalls and more. Ratnagiri has many historical monuments and forts that are still in good condition and is worth visiting.

Ratnagiri is bordered by Sahyadri Mountains on the east which gives heavy rainfall in this area. The valley is very fertile and is good for cultivation of fruits, rice, coconuts, cashew nuts and more. Being the port city, fishing is a major occupation of the people here. The new Jaitapur nuclear power plant is also located in Ratnagiri.

Ratnagiri district is now emerging as a big center of attraction for MNCs, Developers, Investors, as today it is well positioned to be the next big growth center because of the forth coming Govt. and Private projects.

Industrial growth of Ratnagiri has given major impetus to its development and modernization. Jindal Power Plant at Jaigad, Finolex Industries Limited at Pawas and other projects in the nearby surroundings are contributing to the fast development of Ratnagiri. The new Jaitapur nuclear power plant is also located in Ratnagiri.

The city is growing very fast, and is adding to its spiritual identity more stars like Agricultural & Industrial development. But one of the stars is more glaring and prominent which is the Real Estate Sector. When we analyze the reasons for the rapid growth of Real Estate in Ratnagiri, following aspects come forward.
  • Non – availability of big lands in Mumbai and Pune.
  • Complex industrial rules and regulations in Mumbai and New Mumbai.
  • The various beaches, forts, temples and waterfalls are main attraction of the tourists. These factors are responsible for the development of tourism.
  • The recent announcement by the government of Maharashtra to develop Ratnagiri and Konkan.
  • Pricing of lands.
  • Infrastructural development is keeping up with the Industrial development.
  • Proposed 4 lane Mumbai Goa Highway has made travel to Mumbai very comfortable. The City is well connected with roads.
  • The proposed well equipped Airport with all the basic amenities. Passengers can get many direct and indirect flights to various destinations.
  • Ratnagiri is emerging as an Educational Hub. The City has secure future with its upcoming citizens being trained well at Schools and other Educational Institutes.
  • Peaceful Retired life.
  • The city is blessed with lush green environment and cool and pleasant climate.
  • Proposed SEZ in Ratnagiri.
  • Seeing these opportunities and future growth lot of investors, private developers have already purchased and aquiring most part of the lands in these areas.
Considering the above aspects the properties in Ratnagiri are still affordable and will give reasonable returns as compared to Mumbai and Pune. The Real Estate sector is consolidating before it will reach a next peak.

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